Advance Development

Here you find a selection of our advance development projects


Our core branches are Medical, Farm and Textile Technology Industries.

Automatic & flexible braiding machine (Industrie 4.0)

  • Automatic thread changer
  • Traceability via RFID technology
  • Remotely controllable (Multiplatform)
  • Self managed: The orders are directly sent “customer-machine” through a smart server which autoatically calculates the most effective production and forwards the list of orders.
  • Maintenance alarms (preventive & corrective)
  • Material employment optimization



Multi-purpouse industrial monitoring tool that allows machine-data analysis in-situ.


Industrial monitoring device

  • Cost effective & flexible
  • Real time data aquisition Up to 32 digital I/O’s & 5 analogue Outputs (0-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V)
  • Cloud connectivity for data analysis
  • Multiprotocol compatible (Modbus, Profinet, OPC UA)
  • Remotely supervised and controlled
  • Robust analytics for better processes and product usage
  • Customizeable GUI
  • Multi platforms connectivity (Android, Web, iOS)


Automatic & flexible sewing machine (Industrie 4.0)

  • Automatic sewing path follower (3D-Seams)
  • Collaborative robots
  • Multiplatform controllable
  • Remotely supervised
  • Quality assurance through high-tech computer vision
  • Customized GUI