Here you find a selection of our customized solutions for maintenance equipment


Our core branches are Medical, Farm and Textile Technology Industries.

  • Real time process monitoring
  • Proved on industrial processes
  • Portable (multiplatform compatibility)
  • Customized GUI
  • Users management
  • Real time measuring plots
  • Cloud connectivity for saving reports
  • Mass data storage


Augmented Reality

Digital maintenance & user manual for the handling of diverse procedures with machines. It provides the operator with detailed information about the specific actions to execute.


  • Maintenance assitant tool
  • Quality maintenance services assurance
  • Interactive
  • User friendly
  • Customizable
  • Multi-language interface


  • High-detail diagnose tool
  • Sensors & actuators individually tesed
  • Highly reliable components
  • General fluid conditions measurement
  • Configurable testing routines
  • SAP connectivity for saving reports
  • Self cleannig features
  • Food-grade robustness
  • Low-scale production
  • TÜV certified